the 17 day diet- cycle 1 results

That time I tried the 17 day diet…

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We did it! We survived! We lost weight!

For the last week and a half we have been eating the same breakfast, lunch and snacks. We only changed our dinner. I made a different salad because I was not getting excited at lunch time at all. My salads were made with mixed greens, grilled chicken, dried cranberries, cucumbers, fat free feta, and celery. I counted the cranberries as a serving of fruit and the feta as a serving of sanity.20160114_125537


Grilling outside in January. Only in Florida.


For breakfast I had boiled eggs and Nolan had his yogurt smoothie. For snacks we had a yogurt and an orange. Some of the dinners that were winners were:

20160120_202013 20160113_200419 20160116_190500 20160117_193732


Italian chicken, chicken fried “rice”, fajitas in lettuce cups, bbq chicken and roasted broccoli


The Italian chicken is made with butterflied chicken breasted sautéed in garlic. The chicken is topped with skim ricotta cheese, homemade marinara (no sugar), and fat free mozzarella and baked.

Chicken fried “rice” is made with cauliflower instead of rice.

The homemade pico on the fajitas were the best part of the dish.

BBQ chicken was taken from the chicken I roasted. I tossed it in a BBQ sauce that only had 4g carbs. Stubbs spicy is the brand.


Overall Nolan and I felt good on cycle 1. Most of the time I had more energy, my allergies are better, and I stayed focused throughout the day. Sometimes I missed my snack and I got grumpy and hungry or grumgry. And sometimes I just wanted a cookie but then I remembered I can’t let Nolan down. He is always asking me if he can have this or that (he texted me on Friday to look up the menu for the place he was eating to give him advice on what to eat). It feels nice that I am not just reaping the benefits, but I am teaching Nolan how to make better decisions food wise.



Caitlin Bust Chest Waist Hips Thigh Weight
Beginning 39 35 33.5 40.5 26 159
1 week 38 34.5 33.5 39 25.5 152
End of cycle 1 37.5 34 32 39 25.5 148


Nolan Bust Chest Waist Hips Thigh Weight
Beginning 42 40.5 41 40.5 24.5 200
1 week 41 38.5 39 39 24 191
End of cycle 1 40.5 38 37.5 40 24 186


I know what you are thinking. “Caitlin, doesn’t it suck that you lost half a bra size”. You know what, it does.


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