a fad diet

That time I tried a fad diet…
Dieting is something I often commit to on a Sunday, give up by Wednesday, and have completely
undone by Saturday. I am surprisingly very well educated on making nutritional lifestyle changes in
order to be successful at dieting and losing weight.
image via Flickr

image via Flickr

In theory, I know exactly the caloric deficit I must have each day to lose a pound a week, the most
nutrient dense foods for my calories, and the best way to lose water weight quickly.
In practice, cupcakes taste better than chia seed pudding and don’t even get me started on how
disgusting ginger tea is.
All that complaining aside, a structured tell-me-what-to-eat diet works best for me. When I have a list of
eat and don’t eat, I am much more successful than when I say I am only eating 1210 calories a day and
it’s bagel day at the office.
There are hundreds of these tell-me-what-to-eat “fad diets” out there. Most are developed by doctors
and nutritionists who just added a few zeros to their salaries. I have tried and have had success with a
few of them and a few others I have failed miserably (I’m looking at you Paleo). I am going to go on a fad
diet journey where I try as many fad diets as possible (once I am supermodel thin I will obviously not be
able to continue) in order to give a realistic picture of what works, what’s possible, and what Dr. Oz
made up in order to sell another sponsored product.


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