Ab-tastic August

In the month of August, I attempted to do a bunch of things I have previously viewed as impossible: only drink once a week, work out 5 days a week, limit my calorie intake to 1200 two days a week and 1300 five days a week, limit my sugar intake, and drink a crap ton of water. Turns out for me, some of those actually are impossible. The easiest one was to drink only once a week. It was impossible though to limit myself to 1300 calories on that one day a week. It didn’t help that I attended a beer fest on August 20th and drank 936 calories worth of craft beer (I looked up the average calories in craft beer and kept track of how many ounces of beer I tasted. Successfully tracking my ounces while tasting over 12 different beers in a children’s museum was probably my proudest moment of the month).
Limiting my sugar intake also became impossible when a bar of sea salt dark chocolate landed on my desk one day in early August. After that I gave up on giving up my weekly Starbucks java chip Frappuccino light.  Nolan also was not on board for this challenge, so the few times we went out to eat he insisted on ordering an appetizer and I do not care what anyone says, I am not saying no to chicken wings.


Despite my human error, I did lose an average of a pound a week and more importantly I learned a lot about my bod that will help me maintain once I get to that point. As long as I eat at a deficit during the week, I can get away with going a little crazy over the weekend without worrying about gaining. Unfortunately, I am not there yet, so I really need to stop housing a crispy chicken sandwich every Saturday.


Here is a look at some of the meals that went into my bod during August:


2 eggs, 2 slices center cut bacon: 213 calories
Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Croissant (I got tired of making breakfast): 300 calories
16 oz Java chip light Frap: 200 calories


Southwest chicken salad: 4oz chicken cooked in taco seasoning, black beans, corn, carrots, topped with greek yogurt ranch dressing: 299 calories
Turkey Taco salad (its taco salad with ground turkey instead): 295 calories


Buffalo Chicken Pizza (adapted from this recipe): 588 calories
Chicken stir fry: 370 calories
Turkey lettuce wraps: 386 calories
Turkey enchiladas: 557 calories
Mini Lasagna cups: 534 calories




*I linked the recipe my meals were adapted from, I usually made a lot of tweaks though which resulted in differences in calorie count


Skinny popcorn (2 cups): 100 calories
Fruit (whatever was on sale): 60-100 calories


Two mornings in a row I ate Cape Cod Buffalo Waffle Chips for 140 calories because I am an adult and I can. While not nutritious or filling, they were awesome. I tried to use as many whole foods as possible as evidenced by my Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwiches. Seriously though, we did not go out to eat often which made the drinking once a week and food logging much easier. Our first trip in September was to Savannah, home to the Southern cooking that I assume is the contributing factor for 9 of the 11 states with the highest rates of obesity being in the South. It did contributed a 2 lb weight gain for me and that is after walking over 20,000 steps a day. I have managed to get rid of the small alcohol and praline induced weight gain and am continuing to log my meals and exercise via MyFitnessPal.

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