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I am 5’1’’ and about 20 pounds away from “normal”. So that means next to drinks too much wine on my medical chart it also states overweight. Since the diagnosis came with what I thought to be an unattainable number, I accepted myself as perfect the way I was and continued to live my life with only the occasional fleeting thought of “3 doughnuts is probably excessive” or “no Sunday Funday for me I am going for a run”. When I started working in a hospital, I had daily reminders that weight gain could mean pricking my finger with a needle every day and listening to my physician go on and on about how I should drop a few L-Bs (When you are young it’s a quick mention of your weight not being ideal. It’s like they know that if the constant pressure to be beautiful and youthful as long as possible isn’t going to convince us, nothing they say will help). I thought maybe if the mirror wasn’t convincing me to work at this weight loss thing maybe the thought of open heart surgery and bed sores might do the trick.  

It’s not a big secret that weight loss is a mixture of dieting and exercise, and while you can lose weight without exercising, the process is quicker and in my opinion more attractive when mixed with fitness.

I wish there was a word for how much I despise exercising. I think it’s monotonous, I hate washing my hair every day, trying to fall on the toilet because you are too sore to squat is dangerous, sweat stains are often in the most unattractive places, it takes up time I would rather be watching [insert trending TV show at time of reading this], and when I use all my yoga pants for working out I have none to lay around in. I found myself packing a gym bag in the morning and repeating the above excuses throughout the day (I mean come on you can’t wash your hair twice in one day. Do you men know how awful it is to go to bed with long wet hair? As you can see the hair thing really pushed me over the edge) until I convinced myself that I would start my torture regimen tomorrow.

 I decided despite my overwhelming hatred for working out I would give ClassPass a try. 

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ClassPass involves paying a monthly fee ($79.99 in the Tampa area) and you can sign up for as many fitness classes that are a part of the ClassPass family as you want as long as you do not exceed 3 per month at one studio (many of the boutique fitness places on Classpass are upwards of $150/month for members). In the Tampa Bay area there are currently 80 fitness prisons signed up on ClassPass (more are being added constantly).They also charge users 15 dollars to cancel a class 12 hours or less before (its free if its more than 12 hours) and 20 dollars if I do not show up to a class I signed up for. Paying 15 or 20 dollars to cancel or not show up to a class was not an option as it would cut into my weekly Starbucks allowance, so my motivation to attend a class was there. There is an Android and IPhone app for ClassPass that is very easy to use. You can search for classes by studio in list or map form or you can sort by neighborhood.

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Most of the classes are linked to the studio’s site, so when they update their site with class schedules, ClassPass is updated (some studios manually enter their class schedules..see cons of ClassPass below). There are ClassPass locations in most big cities, including Miami, Tampa and Orlando areas, and you can use your ClassPass in other cities as well.


Pros of ClassPass:

-I can have a set schedule for the week that includes workouts.

-I get to participate in a lot of different workouts, so I do not get as bored. I can go to Crossfit one day and stretch out my sore muscles with yoga the next. There is no way I would have bought a pack of yoga classes, but since they are offered on ClassPass, I figure hakuna matata (they say that in yoga right???).

-So far it has been as user friendly ordering Dominos online (Dominos tells you when they are done prepping and have moved onto baking the pizza??? Who needs to know this??).

-It is also affordable for someone like me who NEEDS group fitness. I cannot be in charge of my own workouts. I am an ADHD 3-year-old at Toys R Us in a gym. I need serious supervision and direction.

-It is great for commuters. I prefer to take my classes near where I work during the week and near my home on the weekends. There are classes near both offered on Classpass.

Cons of ClassPass:

-If you are accustom to paying the No Judgement gym membership price, this is going to be an adjustment for your wallet.

-Most users are beginners at many of the different class styles. If this is the case, you are going to be an eye sore in the class and you may get called out more often than anyone else. (on an unrelated subject…I blame Caitlyn Jenner for no one EVER forgetting my name anymore. I can hear them say in their heads when I introduce myself “ohhh like Caitlyn Jenner, I won’t forget that”. It makes it super awkward when I inevitably forget their name).

-I have heard that some studios are not super excited about ClassPass and only signed up because they believe it is the next Uber and they are the taxi company. They have the mentality that if they are not a part of it at the inception, they will eventually be forgotten about just like those yellow things we use to take to the airport. I have only had one studio that was obviously not happy I was ClassPass member. Most were excited I was there and up to the challenge of turning me into a pro.

-A few Tampa classes have to manually enter their classes in. Some are huge failures at this.

-If you are looking for a gym family, this is not the thing for you. You are going to walk into a lot of studios where the members are friends outside of the jail cell. Before they know you are with ClassPass some inmates may even try to recruit you into their gang. I was briefly a member of a CrossFit gym and this was an issue for me. I barely have time to hang out with my cat; I don’t want to feel like an outsider because I didn’t go to the weekend juice festival with everyone in the noon class.

My final thoughts on ClassPass are: it solved a few of the problems I have with working out and thus far it has been a lot of fun successful in forcing me to attend classes. I found out you don’t have to be flexible to do (beginner) yoga, that boxing is more of a crazy cardio workout than it is about self defense, and that ballet dancers must have insanely strong shoulder muscles. I highly recommend ClassPass if none of the cons are super important to you. If for no other reason, you should join just so I don’t look like the biggest idiot of every studio I go to (it could be you!!!).


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