Kickboxing @ Krazy Kardio

Workout Summary:

Sweat factor: 9 out of 10

Next day soreness factor: 8 out of 10

What to wear: any workout pants, top, and sneakers, unless you want to borrow their disgusting wraps and boxing gloves I recommend buying your own. I bought these boxing gloves (12 oz) and these wraps. They are nothing special but I am just working out and not in the ring with someone.

What to bring: water, towel if you sweat a lot


I am so happy I joined Classpass. Who would have known that I would love pilates, yoga and barre? I did never doubt that I would love kickboxing/boxing though. One of my first classes was boxing and to be honest I was not ready for it (I almost threw up. The only thing that stopped me was the ground was fake turf and I am pretty sure that is not vomit friendly). I swore off boxing classes until I was looking up Classpass studios on Yelp and I found Krazy Kardio’s ridiculously raving reviews. I was still really nervous when I walked into class. I was nervous I would spend the next 5 days taking the elevator up one floor, nervous I would have to fall onto the toilet because my legs won’t bend, nervous that I wouldn’t be able to carry groceries without my shoulders giving out, and mostly nervous that my dream to be a self proclaimed professional boxer would never come true.


So I went to Krazy Kardio located down the street from Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. The first thing I noticed was the studio was in a warehouse. Just a heads up every workout in a warehouse is hard. There are no exceptions. You will never have a beginners yoga or jazzercise class in a warehouse (Not hating I have been to both classes). The single room was open with TRX ropes and boxing bags hanging from the ceiling. Stand-up boxing bags lined the perimeter of the room. There were steps layed out in the middle of the room ready to torture their temporary occupant. And then there was this tiny, bubbly owner/instructor Kellie. She had more energy than anyone should have on a weekday. She was PUMPED to be there and I found that excitement replaced my aforementioned nerves as she explained the day’s workout. Half the class starts on the boxes and the other part starts on the bags. The exercises were done 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off (or sometimes if she’s feeling particularly evil 60 seconds on…NONE off). Kellie would demonstrate the exercises beforehand and would remind us during the breaks between exercises. She paid close attention to our form and was motivating and funny during the whole thing.




Kickboxing required a little more coordination than I was expecting, so I was not a natural. In fact I stubbed my toe 30 seconds after Kellie told me to make sure I pointed my toe. Each time I go though I get a little better. I find that I don’t have to think before I throw left jab, right jab, right roundhouse, left uppercut, I just go out there and start kicking ass. I don’t think I will be boxing a person anytime soon, but the bags definitely take a serious beating.

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