the 17 day diet: 1 week results

That Time I Tried The 17 Day Diet…


Well Nolan and I are one week down (see first post)! Our oven broke on Sunday night before I had a chance to meal prep so some of the meals were thrown together last minute:



I woke up this morning feeling nausea and tired. I am having morning sickness from the food baby formed from the Big Mac and fries I consumed last night. It is a pre-diet ritual to consume a meal cringe worthy of the diet creator the night before said diet. From the looks of the McDonalds line, I was not the only one starting a diet today. Nolan and I weighed ourselves this morning and took measurements last night so we have a good idea of our plump beginnings.
Most of our meals will be very similar each day because of the limitations on the first phase, and Nolan’s
detestation of seafood.
Breakfast: blackberry yogurt blended with 1 cup of raspberries and blueberries
Lunch: Salad with chicken and balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Snack: 1 medium sized pear
Dinner: Trader joes chili and lime chicken burgers (2) tops with salsa and fat free cheese on a bed of
romaine lettuce
Workout: Les Millis Body Pump


I am starting my days with 24 oz of water with a half of a lemon squeezed in it. The diet recommends
hot water because it kick starts your metabolism, but I don’t do hot beverages, so cold it is. Lemon juice
is a natural diuretic so I will be getting the benefit of going pee every hour.
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs
Morning Snack: cherry yogurt
Lunch: Salad topped with chicken with champagne vinaigrette dressing
Dinner: deli baked chicken with cucumbers (after work I waited in line for an hour at the Fresh Market
for 2.99 chicken breasts and it is softball night, so I did not have time to eat before softball. This is the
best I could come up with while starving at 9:00 PM), Nolan had 4 scrambled eggs with fat free cheese
on it
Workout: Softball, we won so there was extra jumping up and down


I had half of a coke zero this morning. I had a trainer/nutritionist tell me once that if you REALLY need to get your diet soda fix in, you must add 2 glasses of water for every diet soda you drink. So I will be adding one glass of water to the 8 I drink a day. So worth it.
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs
Morning snack: cherry yogurt
Lunch: Salad topped with chicken with champagne vinaigrette dressing
Afternoon snack: orange (I picked a bad orange today and was depressed for the rest of the afternoon. I
can’t help thinking it was the disappointing orange’s fault.)
Dinner: Italian turkey sausage with peppers and onions
Workout: Barre


So far I have lost 3.5 lbs. I assume most of it is water weight and I should level off to around 2 lbs a week soon. I have been less tired in the morning when I wake up, but I have been more mood-swingy. I attribute most of that to hunger. I am not limited in the amount of food I eat, but the allowed chicken breast and salad gets boring quickly.
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs
Morning snack: cherry yogurt
Lunch: chicken breast smothered in salsa and FF cheddar, roasted carrots, cauliflower and broccoli
Afternoon snack: orange
Dinner: Turkey taco salad- romaine lettuce topped with ground turkey sautéed with cumin, garlic powder, chili powder and onions, FF Greek yogurt, salsa, and FF cheddar
Workout: Spin


It’s bitter sweet that it’s Friday. Nolan and I’s weekend usually include going out for meals and some sporadic bar hopping. On the other hand no work and a whole weekend to relax with my man. Okay fine, it’s all sweet…like the brownie sundae I am thinking about right now.
Morning: cherry yogurt
Lunch: oven roasted chicken lunch meat with cucumbers
Afternoon snack: orange
Dinner: Rotisserie chicken minus the skin (I swear I took it off) with steamed Brussel sprouts


I’m use to eating 3 hours after I wake up, so on weekends I do not get hungry until around noon. Prior to the diet this usually meant egg sandwiches on onion bagels washed down with some orange juice. When I was doing this regularly Nolan loved me the most. It was hard to top the B Sand, but I think our morning omelet did.
Breakfast/Lunch: shredded cajun chicken sautéed with peppers and onions omelet with FF mozzarella cheese
Dinner: Leftover rotisserie chicken
Snack: 4 oz Yogurtology no sugar added strawberry banana yogurt with strawberries (I am not sure if this is allowed but I decided I deserved it)
Workout: Beginner Yoga/Meditation and Nolan and I went to Busch Gardens and did some serious walking


I feel good. In fact I am shocked at how much more alert and awake I feel. My appetite has also gone way down.
Breakfast: cherry yogurt
Lunch:  Chicken sausage and peppers and Brussel sprouts
Dinner: Threw a bunch of leftovers in a sauté pan and picked at the food I was prepping for the week
Workout: Went to the outlet mall…it’s a workout




Caitlin Bust Chest Waist Hips Thighs Weight
Beginning 39 35 33.5 40.5 26 159
1 week 38 34.5 33.5 39 25.5 152


Nolan Bust Chest Waist Hips Thighs Weight
Beginning 42 40.5 41 43 24.5 200
1 week 41 38.5 39 42.5 24 192
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday’s workout was done via Classpass.


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