the 17 day diet: final results

Nolan and I completed cycles 1 and 2 of the 17 Day Diet and we do not plan on continuing with cycle 3. In cycle 2 we switched between low calorie days (cycle 1 approved foods) and “higher” calorie days (cycle 1 foods plus starchy vegetables, legumes, low fat pork and beef, and reduced fat cheeses). It helped to look forward to those  “higher” calorie days but I found that I would gain any weight I lost on a low calorie day the next day.

Next Monday I will be starting Weight Watchers cause Oprah told me to and Nolan will just eat whatever I put in front of him.

Here’s what I learned while on the 17 day diet:

Dieting is hard

Low carb and low fat is even harder if you do not eat fish


pork chop topped with a turkey bacon cream sauce

Stubbs makes a low carb BBQ sauce AND DOESN’T ADVERTISE IT ON THE BOTTLE. Shame on you marketing department.

It’s almost impossible to eat out if you can not have butter, full fat cheese, carbs, nuts or more than 1 T of oil

I can not go 1 month without a glass of wine

17 day diet really works and it works quickly

Cauliflower rice is the real thing. It’s unfortunate cauliflower pizza crust and cauliflower mash had to deter me from the awesomeness that cauliflower could be

cauliflower dirty rice with chicken sausage

cauliflower dirty rice with chicken sausage


The important question of would I do it again is…Maybe…in like 2 years when I remember how much weight I lost and don’t remember how unfortunate fat free cheese tastes or that cloud bread is not a real substitute for bread.


So how much did we lose….

Caitlin Bust Chest Waist Hips Thigh Weight
Beginning 39 35 33.5 40.5 26 159
1 week 38 34.5 33.5 39 25.5 152
End of cycle 1 37.5 34 32 39 25.5 148
End of cycle 2 37.5 33.5 32 39 24.5 147


Nolan Bust Chest Waist Hips Thigh Weight
Beginning 42 40.5 41 40.5 24.5 200
1 week 41 38.5 39 39 24 191
End of cycle 1 40.5 38 37.5 40 24 186
End of cycle 2 40.5 38 37.5 40 23.5 184


So Nolan and I had a combined weight loss of 28 lbs. We still have a little ways to go and maybe only a month left until bathing suit season is in full force so we will jump right into the next diet: weight watchers.

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