the 17 day diet: pre-diet research

That time I tried the 17 day diet…


My cat ate some of the book 🙁


My first fad diet adventure begins with the 17 day diet. I chose this diet first because my mom was successful with this diet, I have not tried this diet, and she already has the book (ok it was mostly because of the last part). I always suggest reading the diet book before starting your fat loss excursion because it gets you pumped, gives you all the details, and doctors are usually horrible novelists, so it’s entertaining. Also when you feel like quitting, think about those couple hours you would have wasted reading poorly written material.
The 17 day diet has up to 4 cycles: accelerate, activate, achieve, and arrive. Each cycle is 17 days long, and you are expected to workout 17 minutes at a low or moderate intensity depending on the stage of the diet. Once you reach your weight loss goals you can hang out in the arrive step until you participate in too many bagel days at work, and then you can start at step 1 again (they are obviously hoping you learn your lesson and do not have to do this, but what’s the holiday season without eating 5 Christmas cookies a day).
Accelerate: The accelerate step involves eating incredibly boring meals for 17 days. Since Christmas and New Years are over it might be a welcomed present for my gastrointestinal system. For 17 days I will eat as much lean protein and non-starchy vegetables that I want, 2 servings of fruit (none after 2 PM) and 2
servings of a probiotic rich yogurt each day. One tablespoon of olive oil is allowed for cooking and condiments are limited to non-carb, non-fat, and low sodium options. There was a small mention of fat free cheese in moderation so I will be adding that to my salads until I realize how disgusting FF cheese is. I convinced Nolan to participate in this phase of the diet with me, despite his recent education that ranch dressing is not non-carb, non-fat.
Activate: The activation refers to your metabolism. In this step, I will alternate between low and high
calorie days. On the low calorie days, I will eat as if I am in the accelerate phase and on the high calorie
days, I can add in legumes and natural starches (starches still cannot be consumed after 2 PM).
Achieve: The achieve cycle refers to the trophy they send you once you give up your rights to the before
and after pictures you send to them. Obviously I am joking. I doubt they even reimburse you for the
book if you send in pics. In the achieve cycle, you may eat anything allowed on the high calorie days.
They also recommend increasing your workout intensity since you are eating enough calories to allow
Arrive: By now you should either be able to identify a healthy meal or be too afraid to ever have to
repeat the whole cycle again that you always eat healthy.
I will only be doing cycle 1 and 2 because I will move onto another diet after, and the last two cycles just
reinvented the wheel of every maintaining stage of a diet. Alcohol is forbidden in the first cycle and very
limited in the second. I am going to attempt a dry January, but make no guarantees. I will show you
what I eat each week, tell you how I feel both mentally and physically, and will attempt to share as many
diet friendly recipes as possible. Also I may eat fruits after 2 PM  because I work out in the evening and
may need a little fuel.


Diet on my hangry readers.


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