An unnamed August challenge

Since I last posted, I have kept the weight off from Weight Watchers and the 17 Day Diet (I know I’m surprised I didn’t get fat too). I have consistently stayed around 145. Closer to 147 after a weekend and 143 by Friday cause you know, calories do not matter on the weekend (turns out they do).

I do still have at least a 10er to lose though until I am at my goal weight, so another weight loss plan is in order.

My next weight loss adventure will take place starting August 1st. The name is TBI. Why am I waiting until Awe-Inspiring August? Well, I have no Awesome August plans and after Ab-tastic August is Labor Day, 2 weddings, and Nolan and I’s 6 year dating anniversary. I figure the combination of no plans/big event motivation, I should have an easy time succeeding in Ample-less August. I know I should really start tomorrow, but I don’t want to, so there is that.

My rules for my plan is as follows:

1300 calories per day on workout days, 1200 calories per day on rest days

Drink 1 glass of water before eating, at least 9 glasses of water a day

No more than 4 g of sugar in any store bought food or sauce or marinade

Alcohol 1 day a week…and even worse it’s counted in the daily calories

5 workouts or more per week


The purpose for the sugar rule is not to eat empty calories and to attempt to make more of my own sauces and food in general.


I hope to lose 8-10 pounds during the month of August bringing me to 135, a number I can not remember seeing (probably because I was in college and drunk). I am really hoping the jean skirt I bought 10 years ago will not only fit soon, but will also come back in style so I was not just wasting closet space.

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