Whole30: Days 1-10

The other day I was clipping my toenails and I noticed an uncomfortable sensation near my waistband. It was the ab I had worked so hard to develop retreating under a layer of flub. Since last year, I have maintained a weight of 143-145 lbs. My plan of eating perfectly during the week and sneaking in a cheat day on the weekend turned into only eating perfectly Monday-half of Thursday. Luckily, I caught the rolly polly illness before it became terminal and decided to do another diet overhaul. A friend who is getting married soon suggested doing the Whole30 diet with her and I agreed. The Whole30 diet is an elimination diet. It eliminates legumes, sugar (real and artificial), dairy, alcohol, grains, fun, carrageenan, MSG, sulfites, and any treats or baked goods made with approved ingredients (paleo pancakes, cookies, etc.). The purpose is not to lose weight, but to feel and look great eating real foods. After the 30 days is over there is a reintroduction phase where groups of eliminated foods are reintegrated into the diet individually and with days of full elimination in between to pinpoint what causes things like fatigue, nausea, gas, bloating, acne, and many other inflammatory bodily issues. So what can you eat? Meats, eggs, vegetables including potatoes, fruit and healthy fats. And now to what I ate: days 1-10…

Day 1:

B: Monkey salad: banana, almonds, unsweetened coconut flakes

L: Club salad: grilled chicken with Dijon marinade, romaine lettuce, celery, had-to-go-to-four-stores-to-find approved bacon, hard boiled egg, carrots, marinated onions, with oil and vinegar

D: Sirloin with roasted broccoli

Day 2:

Same breakfast and lunch

D: Chicken fajitas in lettuce wraps

Day 3:

Same breakfast and lunch

D: Aidells chicken and apple sausage with peppers and onions…I think I am the only Whole30er who is not a fan of these sausages

Day 4:

Same breakfast

L: Apple (I was feeling crappy and this is all I could eat

D: Chicken soup with kale

Day 5:

B: Dump frittata with bacon, peppers and green onions

L: Club salad

D: Leftover soup

Day 6:

B: Banana

L: Chicken salad on romaine: homemade mayo, apples, green onions

D: Leftover soup

Day 7:

B: Monkey salad

L: Club salad: removed dressing and onions, added guacamole and cucumbers

D: Jalapeno turkey burger on romaine and parsnip fries


Day 8:

Same breakfast and lunch

D: Chipotle pulled pork lettuce wraps with salsa verde and avocado


Day 9:

Same breakfast and lunch

D: Shrimp and “grits”

Day 10:

Same breakfast and lunch

D: Leftover chipotle pork and green beans


How did I feel after 10 days:

To be honest I was so sick the first week, I did not have any side effects to changing my diet or if I did the hacking cough was consuming my pain. After I started to feel better around day 7, and by better I mean I felt great! I was sleeping through the night and waking up a few minutes before my alarm automatically. It is fun when your goals line up with your mom’s goals for you when you were an infant. I had energy throughout the day, my pants were fitting better, and I wasn’t having any night sweats. Unfortunately, I knew this was the easiest part of the diet. The results are the most dramatic and the diet is still exciting. Stay tuned for how hard it got.

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